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Some kind of a passionate programmer since I was seven. Love learning programming languages: functional, logical, imperative, you name it. My favorite languages are Python, Golang and Kotlin. For more information, please visit my timeline section of the site.

A humble teacher of my students. My speciality is the higher inclusive education. Basically saying, I try to implement the solutions, allowing to teach disabled (including visually impaired) people to be programmers and to socialize well at the same time.

A scientist, if I may be so bold. The Head of IT Laboratory in MSUPE (Moscow State University of Psychology and Enducation). A post-graduate student with passion for the field of artificial intelligence (technological singularity, yaay👏!), especially the reinforcement learning. Keep studying Markov (and other probabilistic) models to apply this knowledge in the field of psychology.

A poet, writing the poems in my native language (Russian). More work to do, less time to write, it seems... But some of my old poems are provided in corresponding section (for Russian speakers).

A Ta☯ist. A believer of the Path. Therefore, I keep trying to learn my inner self relentlessly to never step back from my ever-elusive destiny.

A happily married man. Nothing more to say about that.